CSUAC - Computer Science Undergraduate Advising Committee


Help Computer Science Department at University of Colorado at Boulder become a leading university in United State to provide top talents, innovation and resources for technology startup community

Mission statement:

Provide diverse resources, connections and strong bonding between our computer science students, other college students and technology startup communities to encourage/inspire innovations, creativities and meaningful/strong impact work.

How we can achieve our vision and mission

  1. Provide a warm welcome event to our freshman students along with our current fellow where they can learn about endless opportunities, connection and experiences through their peers, community/faculty members and former senior with their work demo.
  2. A bi-weekly/monthly workshop workshop run by experience, full-time employee community member with an expertise in their field about difference technology, skills or special interest.
  3. Biweekly coding questions extract from some of the best/most challenging technical interview questions or problems from community/books
  4. A bridge between community and students where they can look, connect and get high standard internship offered throughout school year
  5. A mobile apps challenge event where our students can use their class or personal project to compete each other. The challenge will be opened to public so everyone, including community members will get invited to the event.
  6. Provide a small career fair/finale event of the year where students can talk, get connected and apply for internships provided by technology startup companies in Boulder/Denver.
  7. Provide any other resources that students may ask for or necessary.
  8. One or two gaming tournaments where students can relax, have fun and form a strong bonding between each other outside of class room.

About Me

We nurture creativity and innovation at the University of Colorado at Boulder via impactful works

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